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Utilizing highly trained canines and experienced handlers, we offer a premier service in this unique and effective approach to meeting the security needs of our clients. The canine, under the direction of an experienced handler, will provide the most effective deterrent to risk available today.

  • Suspect Detection and Apprehension

  • Handler Protection

  • Protective Service

  • High Risk Alarm Response

  • Area Searches

  • Dual Purpose

Understanding K9 Services

Raven Security continues to be the only company in Colorado to have a dedicated K9 unit. Training and working as a K9 Officer is not something that Raven Security takes lightly. We understand that the utilization of a K9 takes more than just classroom time. It takes hands on experience in real world scenarios. What sets us apart from the rest, is our training, experience and canine selection.

All of our canines come from Germany and are European bloodline German Shepherds. We have found that this alleviates the problems that American bloodline German Shepherds experience (obesity, hip dysplasia, poor angulation, etc) and thus ensures the canine is best suited for work. All of our canines come from working bloodlines. This means that our canines are doing the same work that the bloodline has done for generations. The pups are received at 6-8 weeks and are raised by their handler.

Our canines are trained differently than some police departments and security firms. It is our intent to have the canine work in its intended capacity. Our canines are taught to work in several natural modes-prey, defense and offense. It is natural for a canine to want to protect its pack. Since our canines don't change from handler to handler and have lived with the same handler since its eyes opened, it is natural for them to want to protect their handler. You may ask yourself if that makes a difference-instead of forcing a canine to work through fear and intimidation, we train them to work through natural desire. The result is simple-our canines are safe and when they are retired, they live out their life with their handler. Many police canines are unfortunately euthanized upon retirement. The practice of euthanizing service canines is cruel and unneeded. The fact is simple-if you train a canine properly, there is no need to euthanize. Euthanizing is the result of poor training and experience. If you would like to read more about our training, please visit Leerburg. We follow Ed Frawley's training model.

Once the canine has been trained sufficiently, usually at 2 years of age, the canine begins to work along side our officers in the field. The K9 handler is responsible for field searches, building clearing, suspect detection and apprehension, and numerous other services. Our K9 handlers are prior law enforcement with experience in raising, training and handling canines.

The difference is clear. When you combine proper genetics and working line with experienced handlers, you have the best trained K9 division possible. When deploying K9 teams, Raven Security ensures to provide kennel master support.


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