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 Certified Protection Services

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Handling diverse threats at home and abroad has become a major concern for governments and enterprises worldwide. Successfully securing and protecting people, infrastructure, information and assets requires trained and experienced personnel who are certified in their prospective fields. We set the security standard with requiring our personnel to not only have experience in special operations but to also be certified in protection services by Bodyguard Training International or Executive Security International.

Personnel Security in High-Threat Environments

Raven Security offers Executive Protection Service (EPS) agents for transportation and full-time security of personnel in high-risk environments. All agents are experienced and certified by either Bodyguard Training International or Executive Security International.

Response Training

We train response personnel in the principles of movement in both open and urban areas and the use of force in high-risk environments. Response personnel are trained to provide additional firepower, recovery, evacuation support, and response to alarm from high value assets in a high-risk environment.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Raven Security EPS agents are trained in intelligence gathering and counter intelligence tactics. This ensures a greater deal of protection for assets and personnel.

Executive Protection

From security assessments and estate protection to mission planning and transportation, Raven Security provides a complete security solution. Our protection details provide a discreet, low-profile alternative fulfilling security objectives with minimal imposition on the executive.

K-9 Services

Raven Security offers K-9 services to assist in the protection of assets and personnel. K-9's are trained in personnel protection, patrol, bomb detection or dual purpose. K-9's are only as effective as the handler. Raven Security is proud to have a handler team compromised of all prior law enforcement and military K-9 handlers. Handlers are experience in the used of force and K-9 training. When deploying a K-9 team, Raven Security offers kennel master support.  


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