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Security service should not only work to deter crime and protect assets but should focus on the mitigation of risk. This philosophy has led our company to set high standards for employment and retention. Security Officers must be able to provide protection for the asset, while at the same time, ensuring the environment remains secure and risk is mitigated.

Security Officers

Raven Security is proud to be predominately compromised of current and prior law enforcement, POST certified personnel and security specialists. This requirement for employment is what ensures our officers are well prepared for the challenges of this career field. Our officers are then placed through training to ensure they meet the standards as established by our founder. Officers are then certified and licensed by the appropriate municipal/entity for the field they are trained in. 

Officers are also held to a fitness standard to ensure they are in the required physical condition to meet the requirements of this career. Currently, Raven Security is the only security agency to have a fitness standard.

Finally, officers are required to continue their training in order to remain employed with the company.

Patrol Services

In order for a patrol service to be effective, the patrol officer has to be properly equipped. All of our patrol officers are issued law enforcement equipment to ensure they have the required tools to be effective.

One of the main tasks of a patrol officer is the locking and arming of facilities. All our patrol vehicles are outfitted with key lockers to ensure the asset is properly protected. An inventory of these key lockers are done twice per shift to ensure proper retention of sensitive items.

Weather plays a role in the reliability of a patrol service thus our company only uses vehicles that are intended for patrol service-Impala's, Durango's, Explorer's, etc... This ensures that even in harsh weather conditions, the patrol officers are still able to operate. Vehicle are properly outfitted with the needed light bars and decals. 

All patrol officers are linked to our dispatch center via radio and GPS live tracking. This is done to ensure their location is always known and thus the appropriate patrol officer is dispatched to alarms and client requests. This decreases our response time. An alarm response is only effective if the officer arrives on scene quickly enough to protect the asset. Our alarm response is guaranteed to meet the U.S. Department of Defense standard of less than 15 minutes. However, we currently average 4 minutes.

Clients are able to track our work live via an online client account. All reports are provided electronically. History of calls, alarm responses, calls for service and property check times are stored online and easily accessed by Clients.


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