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Threats to security exist in various forms and affect all areas of business and government operations. This has made security a primary concern for organizations worldwide.

The ability of an organization to overcome potential threats depends on who well the security personnel and management is trained. Enterprises thus must prepare and train their personnel to counter security threats and mitigate risk.

A security training program will improve organizational performance and productivity while reducing the potential for loss of life and assets.

Raven Security delivers a comprehensive training program for law enforcement, military and private organizations. The training courses are taught by experienced and certified instructors with a background in law enforcement, military and private sector. We offer training courses in everything from protective service, site security to high risk operations and special operations. Training programs are designed to fit your organization's needs.

 In order to ensure a training program is effective, we require certification, as well as experience, to ensure the utmost quality of our training programs. Unfortunately,  many people claim to have a vast experience in the military or rely on a military occupational specialty as accreditation. The truth is that just because your military occupational specialty was special forces, it does not mean that you have spent anytime in real world operations. We require accreditation to ensure we provide the client with the best possible trainers and the end result is quality training by experienced and licensed instructors.


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